The Solution

After reviewing the case file and the interrogation notes over and over again, Ruddy Reveal Detectives surmised that the murder of General Cornelius Mills was a one-man job.

It couldn’t have been Wendell, since he indeed left the old man in a living, albeit, poor, state to find help. His cart stayed put in the aisle, and even IF the general was able to move, he wouldn’t have been able to push the cart out of the aisle in his weakened state. In fact, the cart stayed in the same spot from the time Wendell left it, as evidenced by other alibis and the police’s own finding of the cart upon their arrival.

Samantha, though incensed at the old man, was not to blame for his murder, either. Another co-worker who begrudgingly mopped up the detergent she’d been inspecting was willing to place her at that same spot in aisle 8 at the time of murder. According to both the staffer and Citrona, both had to shout at each other to be heard over the sound of the buffer as it made its way down the long aisle full of breakfast crunchies. The fact that Sugar the parakeet’s feather was found near the body was circumstantial and subsequently thrown out as any kind of helpful evidence.

Anthony was indeed a quiet man with a good story…but his story wasn’t full-proof. See, he claimed to see the cart Wendell had left in the same spot that Wendell claimed to have left it, but WITHOUT the General’s body near it. He also claimed to have backed right out of the aisle to come back later when he’d have a clear lane. However, Samantha the night manager and her employee both remembered having heard the loud din of the buffer machine making its way down the entirety of the aisle, making it clear that Bangali had been lying…he HAD pushed the buffer all the way to where the injured old man’s body was writing on the floor. When asked to explain himself, he simply said, “The jerk had it coming to him. He made life terrible for all of us…he made life terrible for ME, and I stay out of EVERYONE’S way.” After further questioning, Bengali confessed to the murder of General Cornelius Mills. Seeing an opportunity, he took advantage of the ailing man’s weakened state, running the buffer over his head to drown out any shouting while he quickly pulled Wendell’s over sized cart across the man’s back. After dragging the corpse a few feet, he quickly pushed the cart back to its starting position, leaving a long rubber track on the tile. Hearing Wendell quickly approaching and calling for Samantha, Anthony dragged the elderly body back to its starting position, but he left it on TOP of the rubber wheel mark. Backing his buffer up a few more feet, he put on an act like he’d just found the general as Wendell and Samantha discovered the grisly scene.