“Clean up in Aisle 7!”

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I know you’ve been wondering when the next case would cross our desks.  Well, now you don’t have to wait any longer.  This one is odd, to say the least.  

Yesterday morning, news broke in the small town of Kale’s Log about the strange death of Cornelius Mills, an elderly gentleman who had lived in the town for the entirety of his long life, excepting the several years he served as a general in the United States Armed Forces.  His body was found the night before at the local mid-sized supermarket.  Once hailed as a war hero, in later years he was known as a miserly type with nothing sweet to say to a single other living soul.  After several people had been questioned and the crime scene was investigated, catalogued, and photographed, it came out that the once-loved general had lost his wife, Trixie, years ago to a long and difficult battle with diabetes.  “He was never the same after that,” shared the thoughtful store manager.  “When he finally left the house and got back into a regular routine, it was like someone else had taken residence in his body…he just never got over it.”

He was particularly rough with store clerks and stockers, and would often shove them out of his way if they strayed into the aisle too far away from the shelves they were refilling for the next customers.   Curses streamed from his mouth to those younger workers who “wouldn’t know a hard day’s work if it bit them in the,” well….you know.

So when his body was discovered early in the morning by the first shift of grocers, no one was REALLY shocked…most people thought the old warrior had it coming to him.  The thing that DID shock most of them was that SOMEONE had the guts to actually take action against the decrepit heathen.

Mills’ body was found facedown halfway into aisle 7, his feet protruding past the end-cap into the main thoroughfare of the market.  He’d apparently been eyeing some granola when the killer took his life…the weapon?  No one knows, but what we DO know is that it left two small puncture wounds in the backs of his ankles, just on either side of his achilles tendon, and he seemed to have suffered some kind of blunt-force trauma to his back…a long bruise was found sunken into the skin and muscle to the side of his worn out spine, about an inch and a half wide.

Other than the obvious nuance of the body being where it was, some other clues were found at the scene of the murder.  A tuft of what looked like animal fur was found on the collar of the old man’s shirt, dark black in color, but oddly thin.  Halfway beneath the lowest shelf, investigators found a brightly-colored bird feather…birds getting in through the automatic grocery store doors was a common occurrence, but this feather didn’t look particularly indigenous to the area around Kale’s Log.  Finally, the old man had fallen on a long black streak on the floor that ended abruptly about three feet away.  

The coroner stated the time of death as happening around 10:45pm, 15 minutes before the store normally closed for the night and resetting for the next day began full tilt.  All grocery store personnel who were scheduled for that evening were questioned, and of the 10 employees that worked there the evening before the body’s discovery, three have been apprehended as the primary suspects involved in the murder of General Cornelius Mills.  They are listed below.

While local police presence has been invaluable in collecting evidence, they’re at a standstill as to how to find the culprit.  In a town of people who hated this one hateful man, how could the ONE person who did it be found, after all?

The three suspects are:

Wendell Shaeffer
Samantha Citrona
Anthony Bengali


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