Monty Adder, the eldest son of the deceased, was fuming while he was questioned over the death of his father.  “No, I didn’t kill Dad,” he veritably shouted at the detectives on duty.  “I loved my father, still do!”  

When asked about the will, Monty allowed that he’d been irate about the deal he’d been dealt, but that he felt better about it since Gerry had decided to “man up” and give Monty and his brothers their “rightful inheritance.”  Clearly the hothead of the siblings, he’d apparently had loud words with everyone he’d ever come into contact with at some point, but he was absolutely not known for physical violence.  “All bark and no bite, as they say,” he murmured as the detective asked him if he was prone to fighting.  “I just want that land to stay in the family.”  As it was, Monty was released from custody after his alibi, an Iron Man contest he’d been training for for several months, checked out.  “Seems me and Pops was eatin’ dirt ‘bout the same time, God rest his soul,” he finally said before gazing off into his memories and becoming quite unresponsive to further questioning.