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Ghost Lights was written about the Brown Mountain Lights in western NC, a phenomenon that perplexes scientists and adventure-seekers today.  Recorded sightings have gone back as far as 1200 A.D., and as a result, a great many legends have arisen to try and explain them.  As natives to the area near Brown Mountain, Jimmy and his wife, Chassta, wanted to write a song that encompassed what their home has to offer, as well as their love for the acoustic tradition of Appalachian story-telling through folk music.  What transpired was a song that began at a traditional place and ended in terrain Atkins is known for...rock-infused acoustic songwriting.

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Listen to the first time Ghost Lights was played on-the-air during Asheville 103.3 FM's Riffin' segment!


My debut album is finally here.  The Pen & The Page was written down in the hidden pages of my journals for the past 5 years, and remained there...until now.  Chronicling experiences from the newness of marriage to my own musings on what it'd be like to be the captain of a ship singing to his long lost love, this album is the first foray into a new chapter, if you will, of my life.  Thanks for coming along and sharing the journey.  You can purchase The Pen & The Page by clicking here.

I really love Coldplay's music, and with their release, Ghost Stories, something about this song just gripped me.
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See the accompanying video, filmed and directed by Josh Lanier, on the video tab here.

Earlier Works

You may or may not know that I've been in a band for all of my musical career (10+ years).  It follows that there are more recordings out there that are dear to my heart.  Below are samples of music from my former bands (Elishah/Second Hand City), as well as collaborations with fellow musicans/friends.  I hope you enjoy them. 
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Second hand city


scapes & scenes (jimmy atkins and ricky rodriguez)