Lester Adder was anything but the typical “baby” of the family.  This fiery man in a small frame looked more the runt of the litter than the doted on youngest child and last chance for parents to shower another being with love and adoration.  No, he was, at least in his eyes, largely ignored, and when he DID get attention, it wasn’t the kind that would help a child thrive.  At least, that’s the story he wove for the investigators when they questioned him about his relationship with his now-dead father.  He spent the majority of the time of his interrogation veritably pouting over the fact that, even if his dad hadn’t left the house and land to Gerry, he wouldn’t have gotten anything anyway…he was last in line, and pretty well hated his father.  “Good riddance,” he shouted.  “The only thing he should’ve done was die earlier and save us all this trouble with Gerry.  Now I have lawyers to deal with.”

When prodded about this last statement, he only relinquished information that seemed to show he’d been in talks with attorneys over the last several weeks on how to circumvent the will’s clauses keeping the Adder boys out.  “That old man owed us, owed ME, much more than that rickety house, but I’ll be cursed if I don’t get at least THAT.”

Lester remains in custody.