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Tom Adder was found gazing up into the blue skies over Lowhaven…he was known to lay back and gaze at the clouds as they ambled by in the azure ceiling, even as an older gentleman.  Well, “gentleman” was a loose term for the crotchety senior.  While he did have his lovable qualities, he was definitely a former redhead, judging by his semi-frequent bursts of outrage over the most trivial things.  But, nonetheless, his family and neighbors seemed to have a type of love for him when he was daydreaming on quiet, summer days like today.  It often reminded them of his younger years, though he had a mighty temper then, when he was easier to laugh with over whatever imaginations he shared with them around the supper table after one of these long, lazy stints of fantasy.

There were a couple of things different about this particular stint, though.  One was that he was lying  sprawled out in the third row of his garden, surrounded by a copse of zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  The other was that he wasn’t daydreaming…he was dead. 


Detectives, thank you for joining us on such short notice.  We’ve been summoned to solve yet another conundrum.  See, even though our victim was elderly and the day was hot, some suspect foul play.  It’s up to you all to untangle this mystery.  

Tom Adder’s body was discovered mid-afternoon by his long-time friend and roommate, Gerald Green.  After both of their wives had passed, these two veterans decided to make the best of a tough situation by splitting the cost of living in Tom’s home.  Since the time they made the arrangement, neighbors often complained that the two older men would loudly argue about seemingly nonsensical subjects, such as the height of a mustard plant, or the weight of 3 trash bags full of honeysuckle flowers.  Those living close to them chalked it up to having two former military men with nothing much to do just having to deal with one another.  Until the fistfights broke out.  Yes, these elderly men would get downright rowdy when they’d had JUST enough muscadine wine, and sometimes, they’d show up in town with shiners on all four of their eyes to prove it.  

Other than the usual course of events in the average day for these two, here are some things we know:

-Tom was survived by his three sons, Monty, Andy, and Lester.  

-Gerald has one son, Ben, who is currently incarcerated, but often communicates via post with his father.

-There was a letter found in the mailbox from Ben to his father, and upon reading its contents, authorities were able to discern that Ben had been raised in that home with his father and Tom, but the tone of his letter proved he showed or felt little respect for the homeowner.

-Upon opening the locked drawer of the roll top desk in Tom’s bedroom, police found the deceased’s will and the deed to the house and land on which it was built.  The deed explicitly stated that, upon Tom’s death, Gerald would receive the home and the land.  The will had been previously opened, and Gerald stated that he and Tom had openly conversed about it with each other and the entirety of their families.

-Tom’s sons were none too pleased about the will’s contents when their father broke the news to them.

-After the coroner’s inspection, Tom’s body was shown to have 7 identical puncture wounds in a straight line just to the right of and parallel to his spine.

Police have taken a the prime suspects into custody for questioning, so hopefully something they say will help aid you in your search for the truth.  The suspects are:

Gerald Green

Monty Adder

Andy Adder

Lester Adder

Ben Green has been called in for questioning at the prison in which he resides.