Frankie Madeara

Frankie Madeara was brought in for questioning because he was the deceased’s aforementioned private chef.  Not much was gleaned from him in the way of details, except for one vital piece of knowledge that painted the truth in a much clearer light.

“He was broke,” Frankie said matter-of-factly.  “I mean, I always got paid, and he DID have those duds he was always wearing, and that CAR…yeesh.  But that dude didn’t have ANYTHING ELSE in his mansion.  It was basically a shell.”

When asked about Echo’s comings and goings, Madeara simply said, “I don’t know much about the hours he kept outside of when I was there, but I do know that when he WAS home, he was alone, and pretty nervous-looking.  He seemed like a quiet type, always pacing up and down the halls while I cooked.  Constantly on the phone, almost begging, it sounded like…couple of times, I almost asked him if he needed someone to talk to, but he made it abundantly clear by his lack of interactions with me that he didn’t care for a friend.  Shame he’s gone…wish I knew the guy better.”