After interrogations ended, detectives reexamined the scene of Tom’s death.  Initial findings revealed only the puncture wounds on his back, and the sweltering heat, combined with Tom’s age and less-than-tiptop health, proved to be as likely a cause of death as any.  Something about the garden had changed in the last 24 hours, though…many of the leaves on the plants closest to the walkways between crop rows showed signs of deterioration.  That is, not the typical june bug chompfest that most gardeners are wary of, but a browning around the edges of almost every single leaf that would have been within arm’s length of someone strolling between the bounty.  After more investigation, it was found that certain tomato plants had small mounds of a white powdery substance near the stalk where it met the soil.  Samples were taken, and a report is due in the next 8 hours.

Before any of the Adders were released from police custody, their homes and vehicles were searched thoroughly for good measure.  As fate would have it, Lester’s utility van housed a variety of gardening tools with earth strewn about the rivets of the van’s storage area.  This was considerably odd, as Lester lived in this van down by the river…he had no garden.  It’s also quite notable that amid the garden tools, there was found a 7-pronged garden rake, loose at the connecting screws between the handle and the head, and with a dried brown substance on each tip of the rake itself.  Even odder, the rake was wrapped in a clean bedsheet, rather than loose like the other tools.


Detectives, this is ALL the evidence we have.  Now, it’s up to you.  Direct message your findings and final solutions to @ruddymangrooming on Instagram by 5pm today in order to be entered in the drawing…perhaps justice will win out, and maybe you will, too!