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Anthony Bengali

Anthony Bengali was a quiet and reserved man, intent on doing his job well, efficiently, and in a timely manner. He always got along with everyone because he mostly stayed out of their ways. He was, after all, the man pushing a large steam buffer across the floor at night in an all-but-empty grocery store. Those folks who were shopping that late tended to get out of his way fast, a cordiality to the oncoming machine.

The night of the General’s murder, Anthony was doing his normal rounds and trying to beat his own time. He was doing great until, at approximately 10:45pm, he rounded the end cap from aisle 6 to aisle 7, perfecting a smooth half circle around the shelves of discount potato chips. At the far end of the aisle, he told authorities, he noticed the figure of Wendell’s overloaded cart turning the corner to face him, so reluctantly, he decided to back out between the boxes of leprechaun-laden marshmallows and round sugary citrus hoops….he’d return later, after Wendell had finished restocking the shelves.

Anthony told authorities that by the time he came back to the now empty aisle 7, he found the body of General Mills on the floor near the granola…he then ran off to find help for the now-dead man.