Andy Adder, the middle son of the deceased, seemed more even keel about the entire happening.  “I mean, he WAS really old, and we HAD been talkin’ about his will an awful lot.”  When asked about his alibi, he asked right back, “Now, why would I go an’ kill Pops, huh?  I don’t care too much for Gerry, but, I mean, he DID help Pops out.  They was best friends, I s’pose.”  

After learning about the odd puncture holes in his father’s back, Andy shrugged and said, “He WAS old.  Maybe stumbled in the heat…you know, those crop rows can get high, and all it takes a swelter like today to sap the strength of a man.  I’m guessing he was havin’ one of them daydreams he’s like ta have of a afternoon…prob just looked up too long and caught a dizzy spell.  Poor Pops…I s’pose I’ll miss ‘im.”